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SFERANET was born in 2017 from the merger of PUNTONET and SFERA. The goal is to establish itself as a leading company in the Information Technology sector, starting from its professionals experience, achieved in over twenty years of activity in leading IT manufacturer, and by sharing knowledge and skills of both established companies.

This make SFERANET a company deeply rooted in the Italian market, which operates as a technology consultancy and systems integration company with a strong experience in design, implementation and management of IT solutions. Also in January 2017 the new headquarters of Via Benedetto Croce in Rome has been opened.

The company is based on very experienced and qualified professionals with diversified skills to offer to our customers best of breed solutions and to respond effectively and proactively to a high demanding and dynamic sector such as Information Technology.

With the goal of providing quality products and services with high technological contents, we design our solutions to get the maximum customer satisfaction level by using open and independent technologies.

Despite being recently established, the Company has a consolidated experience and a very deep know-how coming from all professionals skills and backgrounds. SFERANET commitment to their customers is to guarantee to provide most effective and high added value solutions.

SFERANET collaborates with its customers to help them achieving their vision and to create tangible value. Thanks to the knowledge of the different market sectors, to all skills available on a global scale and a consolidated experience, it can leverage on people, skills, alliances and technologies with the aim of helping its customers to get a business leadership that lasts over time.


Our Mission consists of combining knowledge and technologies to achieve the highest quality level of solutions and services to create real added value, to support and improve strategic customer's business operations by designing and delivering best of breed IT solutions with the best return of investments.

Our "Vision" is based on:


We believe in people as inexhaustible resources, in the skills of our staff and our customers, and we continuously invest to improve knowledge, putting ideas into action, turning our people experience into a competitive advantage for the company.


Propose solutions accordingly to market standards, keeping the Skill of its staff as aligned as possible with the latest product versions.


Use cutting-edge technologies but always accessible to the customer through software production process engineering devices, so that the Customer gets a full control of his business software tools.


We firmly believe that the ability to take responsibility of all choices and decisions is a very important ability in determining best results.


In order to better support customers in designing, planning, implementing and maintaining their IT infrastructures and information systems, SFERANET has got over years a large number of professional certifications from most important technology providers which certifies our Company a system integrator with a high level of competencies and reliability, among which we mention:

The most important asset for the company is a team of committed collaborators who feels responsible for quality, health and safety in carrying out their work.

An effective and reliable integrated management system let processes optimization and the early recognition of problems to define their immediate resolution reducing costs needed to adopt the necessary corrective measures and guarantees the quality, sustainability and reliability of our services.

This guide is binding for all managers and collaborators of our company and it is through this commitment, SFERANET management undertakes to conduct its activities in accordance with the provisions established.

We have defined an integrated management system that meets all legal requirements and compliances in addition to international standards.



They are the set of hardware and software methodologies and technologies to process, store and manage information.


It consists of all the activities aimed at guaranteeing the protection, availability and data transmission, protecting information from all threats of unauthorized access.


A software product created through a programming process using one or more specific languages.


Big data is a term used to describe a collection of data so extensive in terms of volume, speed and variety that specific technologies and analytical methods are need for value extraction.


A Geographic Information System (acronym: GIS) is a system designed to receive, store, process, analyze, manage and represent geographical data.


SFERANET, one of the leading ICT market integrators in Italy, designs, implements and maintains IT solutions for medium and large enterprise companies both in private sector and Government.

With highly specialized skills, SFERANET can address three areas of offering:

SFERANET acts as an intelligent solution and system integrator because it is able to use a set of skills and multidisciplinary services to guarantee the best answer to its customers need. To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in products and services SFERANET signed highly privileged partnerships with the world's leading hardware and software manufacturers.

Because of years of experience in a large number of projects successfully delivered to its customers, SFERANET is a market leader in several business areas such as:


SFERANET, based on its experience, provides services aimed at the design and deliver architectures suitable to meet its customers IT security requirements.

The objective of our team is the full customer's satisfaction, through the integration of the best technological infrastructures available today: from external security (Next Generation Firewall, VPN, Intrusion & Prevenction System, DDoS Protection, Email & Web Security) , to internal security (Datacenter Security, Dataloss Prevenction, Data Encryption) without taking your eyes off the Cloud and Mobile devices.


Focused on creating customized software for companies or government agencies, we have always provided consulting services for the design and implementation of large-scale software. We are specialized in the production of web solutions, from small static sites to large portals, from e-commerce solutions to corporate web applications. We have strong skills in creating applications for mobile devices, whether they are smartphones or tablets with both Android or IOS operating systems.

Our team of specialists take care of technological developments, tests the last products and solutions to acquire new skills and then make them available to their customers.

We develop software products by using all development languages and all main technologies. We offer solutions for the optimization of business processes and different data management and presentation requirements. We carefully monitor all project phases, from the definition of the specifications to the functional and technical analysis, from the development and testing to go live and the consequent assistance, without neglecting the care for the detail that completes our work.

We implement solutions respecting time schedule and costs of the solutions, helping the customer in the difficult task of defining his own problem to be solved; our team of specialists is able to design solutions capable of defining and implementing the best solutions to the problem.


Volume, speed and variety: the three key points which define big data. Companies are increasingly feeling the need to store, manage and process large amounts of data: data on the rise, products ever faster and in different formats.

Big data technologies make possible to process this strong influx of data quickly and quickly and allow you to manage any type of data, whether structured (for example sales statistics in large retail chains) or unstructured data (a comment on Facebook, a tweet or the buying behavior on an e-commerce site).

It is with these factors that the new big data technologies are compared. According to IDC forecasts for 2016-2020, the big data analytics solutions sector is forecast to grow from $ 130 billion in 2016 to around 203 billion in 2020. Percentage is an average of 11.7 percent growth year. According to IDC, acceleration is due both to technology, but above all to a cultural change that leads to decisions based on data analysis.

To help its customers implement an effective strategy aimed at managing big data and an adequate IT infrastructure, SFERANET will take care of it with a business division dedicated to the world of business analytics and big data.

The technical know-how and high specialization of the staff allow SFERANET to offer services and solutions based on Apache Hadoop platform.


Thanks to our partnership with LabGIS (GIS Laboratory and automatic cartography of Roma Tre University Department of Science), we are able to provide solutions in the design and development of GIS systems:

The LabGIS founded in 2001, promotes high education activities, research and offers services and solutions for the acquisition and management of geographical data. Its main objective is to check and test new technologies related to digital geographical information through subject matter experts in GIS systems.


SFERANET has always worked to achieve measurable results so has been able to established a relationship based on trust and collaboration with its customers. With many of them, SFERANET has been working for over a decade and for all them we're not just a simple supplier, but rather a flexible and proactive partner, who works with the same spirit and the same passion as a company employee. Here are some of the main Clients who have decided to entrust their IT systems to SFERANET competence and professionality


SFERANET S.R.L. (Registred Office)

Via Benedetto Croce, 19
00142 Rome, Italy

SFERANET S.R.L. (Administrative and Operational Headquarters)

Via Giulio Vincenzo Bona, 120
00155 Rome, Italy

+39 06 41293348

+39 06 23328643

SFERANET S.R.L. (Local Unit)

Via Santa Agnese, 48 Floor T
20851 Lissone (MB), Italy

SFERANET S.R.L. (Local Unit)

Via Resuttana, 360
90146 Palermo (PA), Italy